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It is a delight to give children and the whole family a treat of happiness once in a while. To see the parents smiles as their children run around playing and enjoying their parents’ effort in preparing their birthday or to witness the awe in their faces to see different forms of balloons. This is what motivates us here at Balloon Experts to continually offer services that cater happiness and enjoyment. We offer our services:

• at birthday parties • on special events or family affairs • school celebrations • special day in schools • other entertainments

Most of what we see in these affairs are some decorations with balloons. But that is so traditional. We want to make it more fun by adding styles in these colorful balloons. Twisting them proved to be more eye-catching to children and make them more playful. Balloons twisted that they look in different forms seem to be a magic for children. Twisted balloons add a different taste on your decorations. Plus, you can also make a game out of them. Isn’t it pleasurable to watch those children enjoy not just the food present, but also the intricate decorations of twisted balloons around them? It would seem fantastical to them. What more when they hear about our face painting service. We use face paint that is lab tested and is applicable to the young skin of your children. We care for their entertainment and for their welfare as well. We also use quality balloons so as not to spoil the children’s fun. That is how fun we are here in Balloon Experts. So what are you waiting for? Hire our services now and see for yourself.

Our Artist Use Qualatex


Miami Balloon Twister